Agile organization

The need to remain competitive in the speed with which changes occur in the market, is the driving force for companies to create an agile organizational business model. This refers to strengthen the company, in its ability, to diverse values / core competences and organizational conditions in a time of constant change and uncertainty. The dominant question is how the company should be organized to carry out every possible task resulting from the developments in their market place. According to some research we do with Twente University,  about the effective factors in organisation agility, we came to the conclusion that leadership is most important and gained the highest priority of all model factors.

book agile organizationIn 2002 Carla Bastiaansen wrote a book about agile organizations.

Lemma Publishers published ‘de actieve overheid’  (Mierop & Bastiaansen, 2002) in which case studies showed that the organization of a government needs to ensure that it is resistant to changes in its environment by being flexible, adaptable, client oriented and pro-active. The organization must be agile, should seem to move with the dynamics of the environment without the fact that employees have to face every time major changes in their roles and ways of working. That can only be the case when flexibility is built into the job of an employee and in their work processes. Next to some behavioral aspects like the capability to work in self-organizing teams and to continuously think and act client orientated.

Since 2002 we also advised business on agility. The core principles stayed the same and are enriched in detail.

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