Key videos on Agile

Tired of reading about agile, watch some inspiring and short videos on Agile. Pre-selected for you:

The basics on agile:

Scrum in under 5 minutes, proved by Scrum Company

Is Scrum the Right Tool for You? – Part 1 (intro of 4 mins) and Part 2 provides you the answer with the Stacey Model, provided by – when deciding if an agile methodology works for you

Agile Transformation

ING’s Agile Transformation in 5 minutes presented by Chris from Australia

Agile at Tesla provided by Scrum Academy (4 mins)

Popular Subject Matter Experts touching items on agile like behaviors:

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us by Dan Pink (45 mins)

Agile Leadership

Greatness; Leadership by intent by Captain David Marquet (10 mins)

Interview on Extreme Ownership by Iraq viteran Jocko Willink (5 mins)

Why good leaders make you feel safe by Simon Sinek: short version (4 mins) and the TED talk of 12 minutes

Agile Business Transformation: what it takes to succeed (21 mins) – Joe Justice TED Talk

Leadership applicable for agile

Brene Brown (5 mins): Four skillsets that makes the best leader“: Value driven based Leadership

Brene Brown (21 mins): the power of vulnerability – TED