Agile Change Management Strategy

Organizational Change Management (OCM) consultants bring academic research, OCM strategy but also practices, such as frameworks, approaches, templates and best practices to support customer’s change agents. The concept of ‘digital’ is constantly changing. Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, RPA, Machine Learning and platforms mature and business ethics, competition, COVID-19 effects, social and ecological aspects (of diversity & inclusion, aging, politics, work-life balance, glocalisation, power of tech gigants, global warming etc.) change impacts can not be ignored in defining the right strategy and approach.

Subsequently, traditional change management activities, like e-learning and communication, are no longer enough to drive change at the scale and pace required today. Our network partners use, but are not limited to, proven change methodologies, e.g. Prosci, APMG and ChangeFirst, to bring some structure in your change journey. We are also experienced in using in-house developed change methodologies of our major global clients. Next to our own Agile Change Management approach.

The Agile Change Management measurement tool learn organizations and agile workers to better develop an agile mindset. Our Agile Team Effectiveness Framework support agile teams to perform!

We have a track record in delivering Organizational Change Management with speed and agility. Feel free to contact us.