Design your Agile Organisation

Agile methods were originally designed for use in small, single- team projects. Larger projects in larger companies are characterized by the need for additional coordination. E.g. how to handle inter-team coordination and concerns in interfacing with other organizational units, such as human resources, marketing and sales, and product management. In addition, large scale may cause users and other stakeholders to become distant from the development teams.

Agile in large scale organizations is difficult to implement. There is a misunderstanding of concepts, lack of guidance from scientific literature and people reverting to the old way of working. While introducing agile had created flexibility at the team level, the surrounding organization is not responsive enough. While the whole idea is that your organization, and employees have the right capability of flexibility, responsiveness and the speed to deliver products and services etc.

Thoughtleader in Agile Organization, agile organizing and Agile Leadership

book agile organizationThe design of self-management, and the necessary conditions of agile organizations, organizational behavior and leadership. Our Happy Independent Professionals advise senior management and executives how to create the conditions of an agile organization. Based upon our vision, which started before 2002  when publishing the book on Agile organizations. This book was a guideline and filosophy for Dutch Public Organizations to become adaptive and flexible organized. The transformational challenges are not new to us.

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‘Traditional pyramidal structures demand too much of too few and not enough of everyone else’ (Gary Hamel)